About Festival

Within the framework of the cross-year of Greece in Russia ROO "Moscow society of Greeks" together with the Greek Cinema Center hold the Festival "Contemporary Cinema of Greece", which will be held for the first time in Moscow from 8 to 12 October 2016 in cinemas "Cosmos" and "Zvezda". The festival "Contemporary Cinema of Greece" is held under the auspices of the Federal national cultural Autonomy of the Greeks of Russia with the support of the Greek Ministry of foreign Affairs, the General Secretariat of Greeks Abroad, the General Secretariat of Information and Communication, the Department of culture of Moscow, GBUK "Moscow cinema", the Department of media and advertising of Moscow and Producer Center "Horosho Production".

Festival "Contemporary Cinema of Greece" is not a competitive event and has the purpose of acquaintance of the Russian spectators with the films of renowned Greek Directors such as Theo Angelopoulos, Tassos Boulmetis, Kostas Kapakas, Yannis Smaragdis and Pantelis Voulgaris. The festival will feature short films by young Greek filmmakers. Greek cinema has a long and rich history, numbering more than a hundred years.


A Touch of Spice

Щепотка перца

Fanis was born in an ordinary Greek family, but spent all his childhood in Turkey under the supervision of his grandfather, who was not only an excellent cook, but also a philosopher. His grandfather lived by the principle "in life as in food, there will always be a place for spices".A person should be able to add significant events to life in order to give it a certain "flavor". Fanis grew up and under his leadership became a first-class cook.

Fate divided them, and his mature years Fanis spent in Athens, trying to fulfil the command of his grandfather to be not only a great cook, but also to "sweeten" the life of the people around him. After many years Fanis returns to Istanbul, to the old grandfather and the woman who was once his first love, and only then understands that he forgot to leave at least a pinch of pepper for himself.

year: 2003
country: Greece, Turkey
director: Tassos Boulmetis
genre: drama, comedy
duration: 108 min.
cast: Georges Corraface, Ieroklis Michaelidis, Renia Louizidou, Tamer Karadagli, Basak Köklükaya, Tassos Bandis



Turkey, 1922. After spending a few years in Asia Minor, American photographer Norman Harris must return home. And on the island of Samothrace seamstress Nicky packs a suitcase to go to Chicago. Instead of her older sister, who was unable to live away from home, she must marry Prodromos, the tailor, whom she never saw before. Norman and Nicky are on the same boat, he is in the first class,

she is in the third, as well as several hundred "mailed out" brides from Greece, Turkey, Russia and Armenia. In the suitcase, each bride has a picture of the future husband and a wedding dress. Some brides were sent to migration by agencies, others by shelters and Church organizations. A whole ship of brides, a multicolored ark of cultures from a troubled region. Between Norman and Niki love affair breaks out.

year: 2004
country: Greece, USA, France
director: Pantelis Voulgaris
genre: drama, melodrama
duration: 128 min.
cast: Damian Lewis, Victoria Haralabidou, Andréa Ferréol, Evi Saoulidou, Dimitris Katalifos, Eirini Inglesi, Evelina Papoulia, Steven Berkoff



The story of 5 teenagers seeking in the summer of 1969 open the whole world for themselves. On the outskirts of the Greek village, located on the seashore, lives a beautiful woman Urania.

Her house is well known to all local men. Young friends swear to each other: to accumulate enough money to visit Urania and learn all the secrets of love.

year: 2006
country: Greece, Italy
director: Costas Kapakas
genre: comedy
duration: 100 min.
cast: Aris Tsapis, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Dimitris Piatas, Manolis Mavromatakis, Dina Mihailidou, Taxiarhis Hanos, Tasos Palatzidis, Andreas Kyriakakis

God Loves Caviar

Пираты Эгейского моря

The film is about real events, in the center of which is Ioannis Varvakis — one of the greatest foreigners in Russian history. After turning to the "great nation of the fair-haired" for help in freeing his people from the Turkish yoke, the life of the Greek fisherman is changing in the most incredible way:

becoming a favorite of count Orlov and Catherine the Great, he finds his second homeland, plunges headlong into the culture of our country, becomes one of the richest people in Europe and the main benefactors of the Russian Empire, having learned to get and export caviar.

year: 2012
country: Greece, Russia
director: Yannis Smaragdis
genre: adventures, biography, history
duration: 101 min.
cast: Sebastian Koch, Evgeniy Stychkin, Juan Diego Botto, Olga Sutulova, John Cleese, Catherine Deneuve, Akis Sakellariou, Alexandra Sakelaropoulou

The Enemy Within

Мой враг

In Athens today, Kostas, a progressive ideologist, lives a regular life with his wife and their teenage daughter and son, until his home is ransacked by a hooded gang.

The experience of extreme violence shatters the family’s peace, bringing his father’s hunting rifle violently into their lives. The story of a morally demolished man who used to be the pillar of his family and of his struggle to get life back to normal.

year: 2013
country: Greece
director: Yorgos Tsemberopoulos
genre: crime, drama
duration: 107 min.
cast: Manolis Mavromatakis, Maria Zorba, Yiorgos Gallos, Antonis Karistinos, Ariadni Kavalierou, Ilias Moulas, Vesela Kazakova, Tudor Chirila

The Dust of Time

Пыль времени

Monumental canvas from the classic of European cinema, the owner of countless awards, Greek Director Theo Angelopoulos. The drama "The Dust of Time" became the second picture planned by the Director of the trilogy, the first film of which the audience could watch online in 2004. The plot is really extensive, as life itself, leading people through the ages and generations. In this story, intertwined several destinies, sometimes quite heavy, but certainly bright and memorable.

Among them, restless, mired in mental anguish and creative torment film director, whose parents gave him at birth a name consisting of only one letter-A. While on the verge of a nervous breakdown he is trying to complete the film about his own parents who have undergone all the hardships of the Stalinist regime and deprivation of emigration, we are shown the lives of these people. The experience of the modern man, who has lost faith in his generation, smoothly flows into the thoughts and hopes of those distant people who once gave their lives so that their children could live in peace.

year: 2008
country: Greece, Italy, Germany, Russia, France
director: Theo Angelopoulos
genre: drama
duration: 125 min.
cast: Willem Dafoe, Bruno Ganz, Michel Piccoli, Irène Jacob, Christiane Paul, Kostas Apostolidis, Tiziana Pfiffner, Norman Mozzato


Short film


The film consists of a sequence of dreams of the main character, Teo. Teo meets his dead father in his dream. Along this “journey” it is revealed to us that Teo feels a sense of guilt before his father.

The cause of this feeling is Teo’s refusal to accept human mortality. This rejection is projected onto his father. The dream sequence of the film becomes a prison for the character because he is trapped in its pattern.

year: 2012
country: Greece, Germany
director: Ioanna Tsillidou
genre: drama
duration: 16 min.
cast: Dany Celner, Dimitris Daktylas, Kostas Vantzos

The Midnight Shift

Short film

Ночная смена

A man on the run takes cover as a taxi driver on the midnight shift.

Soon he discovers that things are not what they seem when he picks up a mysterious figure as his first a client...

year: 2015
country: Cyprus
director: Andreas Kyriacou
genre: thriller, fantasy
duration: 14 min.
cast: Christopher Greco, Marios Ioannou, Yiola Klitou, Christodoulos Martas

Letters to Germany

Short film

Письма в Германию

Greece 1961. A father refuse to accept the death of his son who immigrated to Germany.

year: 2015
country: Greece
director: Antonis Boskoitis
genre: drama
duration: 14 min.
cast: Manos Destounis, Apollon Bollas, Lila Baklesi, Pantelis Theocharidis



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